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My Walking 4 Friendship 2020 Fundraising Page

Claudia Potamkin

Claudia Potamkin

The human connection is critically important to our well being. During this Covid19 crisis, we are experiencing the isolation and loneliness that the special needs community feels on a daily basis during normal times.
Please help me support the special needs community by joining in the Friendship Circle's Virtual Walkathon and sharing this page with your family and friends to help children with special needs continue to receive social support and resources during the crisis, and afterward.
Friendship is more important than ever and together we can make a difference. We appreciate any amount that you can give.
Please stay safe, and positive for a better tomorrow, where we care for others as much as we do today.

I wish to thank those who donated to my campaign early on and enabled me to up my goal...I am so grateful.
Your support means the world to me.


raised of $7,500 goal

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