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Welcome to Claudia Potamkin's Page

Claudia Potamkin

Claudia Potamkin

Children, teens and young adults want to fit in with their peers. They long for acceptance and friendship. Young people with special needs do not get an opportunity to develop the same self esteem and connection as "normal" kids at the time in life when their sense of self is most vulnerable.

The Friendship Circle fills a gap that no other organization in Miami addresses. As a community center for special needs we recruit, teach and empower teenage volunteers to mentor our special needs children on a one-to-one basis, fostering the values of altruism, and volunteerism. Special needs participants benefit from the full range of social, recreational, and educational services. Our programs engage young people with and without special needs to learn, celebrate, and play side by side as friends and mentors.
In place of feeling awkward, different, faulty, which are words that the special needs community commonly hears, participants at the Friendship Circle experience kindness, connectivity, tolerance, respite and a place to feel the critically important sense of belonging while having fun and learning.

Special people understand special needs. Check us out and you will appreciate the mission too, where we've come and what lies ahead in 2019.
This cause is very dear to me, and I'll appreciate all the support you can give.

Donate or form your own team and by all means, come walk with me!
My best to you for all things healthy and happy, and for the support you need at times when you need it most.


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Wonderful Cause!
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May you continue to go “from strength to strength” - sweet Claudia xxoo
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