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Welcome to Team Marcos's team Page

Team Marcos

Team Marcos

Thank you for visiting. This cause is very dear to our team, and we appreciate all the support we can get! Together we can make a difference! - Team Marcos

Joanna Palmer
  • MFMarcos Fajardo
  • MJMarcos Fajardo Jr.
  • GFGracie Fajardo
  • JCJackie Cabrera
  • MCMichael "Magoo" Cabrera
  • MCMeghan Cabrera
  • MCMadison Cabrera
  • GPGrace Palmer
  • SMSilvia Miro
  • MRMadelyn Rodriguez
  • URUlysses Rodriguez
  • DRDanielle Rodriguez
  • ARAlexis Rodriguez
  • MJMaylen Perez Johnson
  • LJLuis Perez Johnson
  • IJIsabella Perez Johnson
  • GJGabriella Perez Johnson
  • WFWilliam Fajardo
  • JFJessika Fajardo
  • WJWilliam Fajardo Jr.


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1. MCMartha E Castro
I wish I could give more, love you guys!
2. SLStephanie Llanes
keep up the great work, buddy!
3. MAMaru Antunano
big hugs, Maru
4. LILotus Behavioral Interventions
We love you Marcos!
5. GPGrace Palmer