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Team Margulies Family

Team Margulies Family

Wow! Crazy times!

I suspect many of you are now experiencing something similar to what all of our special needs children experience on a daily basis; isolation. Your new normal is their everyday normal and this new experience for all of us can help amplify why we need local organizations such as the Friendship Circle to provide community, activities, interaction, and friendship to our special needs children.

Each year, our family helps to fund raise for an amazing local organization, Friendship Circle. The Friendship Circle is a program that pairs local typical students with a special needs child for weekly visits at the homes of special needs children, many organized programs at the Friendship Circle facility, and amazing trips and camps for the special needs community. This offers absolutely needed FREE services to local special needs families while also providing an invaluable opportunity for the student volunteers to serve their community and develop their life skills. Win/Win!

The daily challenges that special needs families face can be extremely taxing and overwhelming. What can be most distressful of all, however, is seeing how special needs children are often deprived of the basic joys of childhood: things like friendships, play-dates, recreational and social experiences.

This is where Friendship Circle has been a Godsend. Through its "Friends At Home" program, teenage volunteers come to the home of their special needs 'friend' every week and spend quality time with each other. They all have a blast together! Other Friendship Circle programs like Sunday Circle, Sports Circle, Mom's night out and other support groups have likewise been introducing a whole new dimension of joy and connection into the lives of children with special needs and their families.

As we all are trying to adapt to this new normal, so has this amazing Friendship Circle organization - which has gone online (through Zoom) to offer its pairing of typical teen volunteers with special needs children for planned activities and friendship. In short, the Friendship Circle has not stopped its work or mission to providing friendship to the special needs community through the continued hard work and commitment of its teenage volunteers and amazing staff!

The work of Friendship Circle has touched our lives in many ways. That is why we have chosen to participate in fundraising for the (Virtual) Friendship Walk 2020. We are writing today to ask you for a donation. By donating to the Friendship Walk you can join us and Friendship Circle in our mission to continue opening loving arms to many more "special children." 100% of your donation will go toward the program. Your feelings of making a genuine difference in a child's life will last a lifetime.

We understand that these are particularly difficult times for everyone; especially local charitable organizations. Often we have to choose among charities; both local and international. This is exactly why Friendship Circle is especially deserving of your donation now. The economic challenges that you may be currently facing are also being faced by special needs families. The difference may be that those families are unable to provide services for their child to obtain the interaction and friendship that other typical children obtain for free. Friendship Circle is an absolutely FREE service for the local families it serves. It relies solely on donations and this annual fundraising effort to sustain itself. We promise you that it is a truly special and worthy organization that provides an invaluable service!

To donate to our team please click the link below. Your response to our request would really mean a great deal to us, as we need this relief and support.


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Colby and the Berman family are thankful for the Friendship Circle and the Margulies squad
2. EHEric Hans
3. jsJoyce Shapiro
4. CLCharles Lipcon
I am thrilled to support this worthy cause. It does a lot of good.
5. RARicardo Alsina
6. LBLaura Bonn
Wishing Team Margulies health, strength and safety !