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Welcome to Daniel Miranda's page! Building everlasting friends!

Nancy & Gus Veitia

Nancy & Gus Veitia

Dear friends and family, as a parent of an Autism boy, our dear Danny, I live the pain and sadness of his everyday struggles. I know many parents share the same struggles and pain with their special need child.
They have no friends to play with. No friends to go out with. No friends to simply talk to. They have a very loving and supporting family but as a teenager "momma" is not quite the person they want to hang out with.
I do not usually get involved but I finally found this WONDERFUL non-profit organization that helps connect special need kids to build friendships and cultivate life skills. They build connections through sports, band, art, cooking, connecting with kids their own age.
This cause is very dear to me, Please help support to build a community center where the kids don't have to be alone anymore. A center where they can build their Friendship Circle. I'll appreciate all the support I can get! Every little helps! No amount is too little! Together we can make a difference! Best - Nancy


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